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Founded in 2011, for the past decade Sungpo have embraced a steadfast social mission, upheld the spirit of craftsmanship, and dedicated themselves to enabling users around the world to enjoy healthy, beautiful, and high-quality lives.

Shenzhen Sungpo High-Tech Electronics Co., Ltd. integrates research and development, production, sales, and service. Sungpo specializes in providing customers with one-stop services including ID and structural design, software development, mold development, and product production.

2011 Established Shenzhen Office

2015 Increased to be 1500㎡ Factory. Started to R&D and manu-facturing Pulsewave Therapy Machines

2017 Established Dongguan Office Expanded the factory to be 2000㎡ Became the Top3 manufacturer of Pulsewave therapy machines in China

2018 Develop for oversea market Develop for Massage Guns Started cooperation with Top Amazon Sellers such as Taotronics, Fitpulse, Renpho,etc.

2019 Expanded to 4000m³ Started cooperation with supermarket such as Costco





Daily Production


About our factory


With over 13 years of specialized expertise in OEM/ODM programs, Sungpo is dedicated to delivering tailored, efficient solutions for electric health care and massage products. efficient.Our commitment to excellence, coupled with our deep understanding of the market, allows us to create solutions that stand out in terms of functionality, performance, and user experience. We prioritize the integration of cutting-edge technology and ergonomic design to ensure that our products meet and exceed industry standards.

Partnering with Sungpo means gaining access to a team of seasoned professionals who are passionate about bringing your vision to life. From conceptualization to final production, our dedicated team remains focused on delivering superior, customized solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

Research & Design

Sungpo’s design team, spearheaded by Chief Engineer Yu Gong’s tenure at a distinguished Taiwanese listed company, has honed a wealth of expertise since our inception in 2011. Our accomplished research and development division, comprising a team of 8-9 individuals encompassing electronic software engineers, hardware engineers, structural engineers, testing engineers, project engineers, and other seasoned professionals, is adept at orchestrating end-to-end product design and development. This diverse talent pool empowers us to meticulously craft innovative and high-quality products, consistently praised by numerous top Amazon sellers. The resounding acclaim garnered by our products is a testament to the prowess and adeptness of our design team, solidifying our position as an industry leader in delivering unparalleled solutions.

Production Capacity

At Sungpo, our production capabilities are a cornerstone of our commitment to excellence. With 5 robust production lines and a dedicated team of over 200 employees, we have fortified our operations to ensure efficiency, precision, and scalability. Our strategic proximity to raw material suppliers and integrated subsidiaries for motors, hardware, and shell materials empowers us to maintain stringent quality control and seamless production processes. This vertically integrated approach enables us to uphold the highest standards of manufacturing, ensuring the reliability and superiority of our products. Notably, our daily production capacity of over 6000 units for massage guns underscores our ability to meet substantial demand with uncompromising quality and timeliness. Sungpo stands as a paragon of production proficiency, dedicated to delivering excellence with every unit we produce.

Quality Contorl

we uphold rigorous quality control standards to ensure the exceptional performance and reliability of our products. Our comprehensive quality control procedure encompasses an array of advanced testing tools, including incoming material inspection, battery charging and discharging testing, high and low temperature testing, capacitance testing, salt spray testing, friction testing, hundred grid testing, simulated transportation testing, as well as specialized motor and circuit board testing frames. Complementing these cutting-edge testing tools is a dedicated team of 12 highly skilled professionals focused on quality control. This robust framework underscores our commitment to delivering products that meet the highest industry benchmarks for excellence and durability




Bring healthy life with technology

Be healthy Be beautiful Be easier


Bring healthy life with technology

Be healthy Be beautiful Be easier

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