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Functions:Electrotherapy pulse, Warm heat, Music therapy, Red lighttherapy,
Intelligent remote control
Battery Capacity:2000mAH
Accessories:tone adapter, one manual, one USB cable, one remotecontrol
Warranty:1 year
Packing Size:25*23*12.5cm
Gross Weight:0.8kg
Net Weight:0.5kg

How Does The Scaler Work?

EMS is a technique that aims to use electric current to stimulate muscles to achieve specific effects. Muscle electrical stimulation is to provide small, low-voltage electrical pulses to the muscles through electrodes placed on the skin to contract the muscles.

This muscle contraction has two distinct purposes: one is to relieve inflammation, and the other is to strengthen the muscles without involving the nervous system, thereby avoiding pain and fatigue.

Product display

●Button control

●3-speed adjustment

●Stainless steel contacts

●Relieve fatigue

●Professional mode

Professional EMS neck massager

Relieve neck fatigue and promote blood circulation.

Rapid recovery Relax Easy

The neck massager can remove the edema and hematoma of the joint capsule, relax the muscles and ligaments, reset the deformed and displaced joints, promote the regeneration of nerve function, and repair the function of tissues.

The neck massager can stimulate and regulate the biological effects of the meridians, guide the circulation of qi and blood, improve the internal environment of the human body, and change the state of qi and blood disorders in the lesion area, so as to achieve the effect of treating both the symptoms and the root causes.


Bring healthy life with technology

Be healthy Be beautiful Be easier


Bring healthy life with technology

Be healthy Be beautiful Be easier

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